PureStretch is a fun, flexibility class with a strong focus on core strength. We believe "You’ve got to move to improve" so have created fab 45 classes that are suitable of everyone .. you’ll be touching those toes in no time!

Purestretch with Tone offers the strength components of Pilates and the stretch elements of Purestretch movement. Classes are flexible, fun and suitable for everyone

Purestretch with Power is Purestretch but just a bit tougher, with strong standing poses that strengthen and lengthen the body and core routines that will really hit the spot! Ideal for those who would like to attend yoga but don’t fancy the holistic side of yoga and are limited to time.

Pilates is all about control and precision of movement. The Pilates classes will activate the deep abdominal and back muscles helping to strengthen the entire body helping improve posture.

The Reformer will tone, sculpt and stretch your body like never before! The extra challenge of the Allegro2 reformer equipment offers all the benefits of Pilates and more. Pushing and pulling with legs and arms against the resistance of the springs, carriage and body weight .. its amazing! We run small group classes with our 5 reformers in a large spacious studio and also 1-2-1 sessions.

Green ...If you’re new to Reformer Pilates or haven’t exercised for a while, this is the class for you. The Essential Classes are still a great workout and are open to everyone. Its the perfect prep for our Progressive Classes.

Yellow ..You should be comfortable with the Reformer, understand how the core muscles work, and be able to activate them correctly. If you’ve already seen some improvement in your core strength and flexibility then you’re ready to take it to the next level … The Progressive Class is the one for you.

Orange .. Take your reformer class to the next level. Be prepared to feel the burn and improve your cardio fitness. You must be experienced in Reformer to attend these classes.

Red …The Dynamic Class is faster, louder and more intense. Expect significantly more variety – there are literally hundreds of exercises for your Trainer to choose from. On average, you’ll work through twice as many exercises as in The Progressive Class, all more challenging.