Mel Culross

It works muscles you never knew you had. When you think you’ve cracked it a whole new set of moves are introduced, and the challenge starts all over again. For me, the best allover workout I’ve found. However, when you do a reformer class at the Hub, it’s not just about physical exercise its about the enjoyment. I love the hour I spend there four times a week. No matter how I’m feeling when I arrive I have the biggest smile all over my face when I leave.

Kate Robinson

I LOVE the hub! The classes make the start of my day so much fun ever time. The reformer has completely changed my shape as it tackles each inch of your body, I attend 2 reformer classes and 1 TRX circuit a week and I’m feeling fitter, firmer and very happy to be part of the hub!

Caroline Massingham

One of the best physical and fun classes around. The team at the hub are so committed to helping you to improve mobility , physicality and feel mentally recharged. Never been more impressed. And by the way it's truly doable you won't want to stop. Take that step and get involved you'll love it x👌