The Better Skin Clinic with Hannah Orchard

The Better Skin Clinic is the home of the elite restorative skin treatment 'HydraFacial'. The clinic's 'better skin' philosophy is based on the understanding that having great skin boosts our sense of self esteem and confidence. The clinic's proven treatments are fully results driven, and the focus is always on naturally and noticeably improving your skin.
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Nolan Osteopathy with Maria Nolan

Nolan Osteopathy has been established in Henley on Thames since 2014 and its principal osteopath is Maria Nolan. A former accountant, her goal is to help people of all ages lead happier, healthier and pain free lives and is a huge believer in educating people to better self-manage their pain and symptoms from home. She treats people with a wide range of musculoskeletal problems including;

• Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain
• Sports Related Injuries
• Postural and Occupational issues
• Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy related conditions
• Age related conditions
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The Great Little Waxing Co.

The Great Little Waxing Co. is a lovely treatment room within The Henley Hub, where I specialise purely in hot and strip wax. I trained with the Waxing Queen, Kim Lawless, who is renowned for her waxing technique and in conjunction with the very high quality wax used, the whole experience is therefore a far more pleasurable one! To see all my treatments, prices and other info please see my Facebook page - The Great Little Waxing Co.

OFFER: I am offering all new clients 15% discount and teenagers always receive 20% off.

OPENING TIMES: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9 - 5. Saturday appointments on request.

Facebook: The Great Little Waxing Co. For bookings or further information please contact us here Look forward to waxing you! Sarah
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Woodedge Acupuncture

Deborah is a qualified acupuncturist, having completed a degree in Chinese Medicine and acupuncture at The College of Integrated Medicine and is a member of the British Acupuncture Council. She has a long term interest in complementary medicine and believes it can help with a wide range of issue. Acupuncture is based on the principle that illness occurs when the body is out of balance and the energy in the body is not flowing freely. Deborah also incorporates cupping, moxa and guasha into her treatments. For bookings or further information please contact us here
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Erika is a qualified Hydrotherm Therapist. Hydrotherm Massage is a truly unique three-dimensional massage technique, which allows the therapist to work under, over and around your body in an uninterrupted motion. The relaxing warmth of the Hydrotherm system promotes an immediate sensation of well-being, enhancing the therapeutic effect of the massage. The gentle heat of the water will cocoon your body and relieve aches, pain and tension. For bookings or further information please contact us here

Purestretch massage

Purestretch is designed to lengthen the entire body through a series of assisted stretches which will improve your flexibility and range of movement. The purpose of this massage is to help free you from any stiffness, aches and pains caused by tight muscle tension and poor posture. The treatment will normally take 60-70 minutes. Wear comfortable clothing, relax and let the therapist do all the work! For bookings or further information please contact us here